"The Level Up" 21 Day CHALLENGE starts 12/1/18!! GET READY!!!

It Takes 21 Days to Create a Habit!

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The Creators

  • 2 of NJ's Top Certified Personal Trainers 
    • Plemmie Lawson-   Plemmie (known as "Plem" to many) has offered full scale customized one-on-one training services for clients in the New York/New Jersey area for the past 8 years.  From leading outdoor boot camps in group settings, traveling internationally with wealthy clients, to private house calls for celebrity clientele; Plemmie has a reputation for being a knowlegeable, tough, hands-on master trainer who combines intense cardio, calisthenic, and weight training routines designed to quickly eradicate body fat and build lean muscle.  With scores of clients as success stories, Plemmie also runs a business consultancy and is an adjunct professor.
    • IFBB Pro Ashley Roberson, PTA- Ft. Lauderdale, Fl bred, resides in Edison, NJ. 7+ year Physical Therapist Assistant with 5 year personal/online training experience, professional bodybuilder (Figure Division), owner/CEO of Rock Out Fitness, LLC, specializes in rehabilitative style training focusing on proper technique during training while reaching all fitness goals and preserving your body during the process preventing further and/or re-injury.

The Sponsors

We are extremely grateful to have a group of awesome businesses to sponsor the Level Up 21 Day program.


Make sure to visit their websites and take advantage of their awesome training, meal prep, supplement, and waistband services. 


"The Level Up" 21 Day Program is a comprehensive guide from start to finish that includes nutrition tips, sample meal plans and exercise routines from both Ashley and Plemmie that simulates what it's like to train with them for 21 days straight! You are committing yourself to three weeks of hard work, discipline, and consistency to break old habits, adopt new habits and LEVEL UP!  Although you can start at any time, to boost participation during the holiday season we are challenging all participants to battle for the best BEFORE & AFTER photos from  12/1/18  to 12/21/18. There are some awesome prizes for the winner and tracking/participation of the Level Up challenge can be found on instagram (IG) page: @thelevelup21! GOOD LUCK and we look forward to seeing THE NEW YOU!



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"The Level Up": A 21 Day Guide to A New You